How to activate your Innate for your healthy life

In Japanese, ‘mutsu’ literally means no pain, and ‘seitai’ means a kind of physiotherapy、commonly chiropractic. When you hear 'seitai', you might instantly associate it with a treatment involving some kind of stimulus, such as pulling joints strongly, physical touch, or pain. Mutsu-Seitai , however, is free of any strong stimulus. It is a treatment without any stimulus, physical touch, or pain



Mr.Kimura, who invented this Mutsu-Seitai, believes that there is an innate intelligence (hereinafter innate) in your body, which relieves  your body of discomfort and heals  diseases . By innate intelligence he means the innate power which enhances your self healing power.  He thinks that malfunction of the innate makes you unhealthy and results in every kind of disorder or illness.  Therefore when your innate becomes active , you can enjoy perfect health and full energy


Mr. Kimura invented a wonderful way to bring your innate to its ideal condition .  That is what is called  “resonance “ treatment.


Mr. Kimura produced a special device called ‘Super Adio’ .  This is like the first tuning fork, and your body is comparable to the second one.  The invisible waves emitted by Super Adio  resound in your body , which enhances your brain stem.*  Your  activated brain stem makes your innate active as well, which helps to enjoy good health.


Mr.Kimura’ s philosophy is that  he tries to do his best only to activate your innate ; your innate then does a great thing in your body and heals you.  He invests your innate with its full powers. It is not Mr. Kimura but your innate that heals you.  This is why this innate treatment is safe and effective.

How to get an innate treatment

  1. Change into cotton pajamas.
  2. Stand in front of the practitioner and he or she will examine your spine , the center of gravity of   your posture, and any misalignment of your body.
  3. Lie down on a bed and the practitioner will check your body by asking questions about your disorders.
  4. Lie down on your back or on your side ,and receive the invisible waves emitted by the Super Adio.
  5. Rest for about 5 minutes, and this activates your innate.  Once your innate awakes, it will heal you.
  6. Continue to lie down for another 50 to 60minutes to make sure that your innate is working well. It takes from about an hour to an hour and a half to finish the whole treatment.


Please take off the following things when you get a treatment.

Compresses,Band-Aids,watches,jewelry or accessories (rings,necklaces,piercing jewelry,etc.),hairpins,wigs,contact lenses,bellybands,bras,girdles,anything that constricts your body.

Please read before you take an Innate treatment

1.   In order to awake your innate and keep it active in your body, you should make your    everyday environment healthy. Please take care what you eat and wear.

2.   Please try not to take medicine, vitamins, or supplements, if possible..

3.   Accessories and underwear made of artificial fiber can block good circulation of your    innate, so try to wear underwear and clothes of pure cotton, linen or wool.