"Ki Therapy has really helped me. I suffered back pain from sitting in my car after 20 minutes or so and Julian has completely eliminated this. The treatments are helping me to relax and I believe helping me with my MS, which I developed in 2002".
-W. Wilkins

"Being barely able to walk or stand, due to back pain, was the reason for my first visit to I.K.I. Canada. That was a few years ago now and I am enjoying golf, skiing and gardening. My regular visits have help my muscle pain in check and the need for visits to doctors have been eliminated. The physical therapy has resulted in both a physical and mental improvement in my life."

- Willy


"Ki therapy has helped me in many ways. I suffered from back pain, panic attacks, stress, and insomnia. By coming to treatments and following I.K.I.'s recommendations, my entire body and mind feel different now. I.K.I. therapist is amazing, very knowledgeable and intuitive. I do not have to tell where the pain is, he is able to find it out immediately. After the treatments, I feel renewed. My body is relaxed and my mind is calmer. I.K.I. treatments are the best one can experience. Nothing compares to it. Thank you, I.K.I. for such beautiful and wonderful things you have done for me. I am a different person thanks to your knowledge, dedication and faith. With respect." 



"Our family have benefited from I.K.I.'s Ki treatment for the past 5 years. I am a system analyst who gets a tight neck and shoulder from working on the computer all day long. After a treatment from I.K.I., I feel much more relaxed. I can walk out of the clinic feeling lighter and breathing much easier. I can feel my body once again. Thank you so much." -Raymond Chan

"The Ki therapy is amazing. It keeps my back, neck and arm limber. It also promotes balance and a sense of well-being."

- Deb


"Ki therapy is what I have been searching for, for a long time. I.K.I. therapists are amazing, not only for the treatments on my back, allergies and many other problems, but their kindness and understanding also go a long way in the healing process. "

-Doris S.


"It has been more than ten years since we discovered the International Ki Institute. We are very satisfied with the service that we are getting. We love our Kitherapists. They are friendly, very knowledgeable, honest, and very good! Their treatments help you whith all your problems. First, they analyze your problem, then tell you what to do. You feel very relaxed during the treatment. We can always depend on them. They trie to squeeze you in to their busy schedule. We learned so many things through the Ki Institute.There are exercises that you can do on your own as well. The therapist's techniques are amazing. They balance your energy. Their expertise in this field is very good. Any new client that is trying their service will surely come back again for more appointments.

May our therepists have more Ki and energy to service their clients.

Thank you very much to IKI for the good service and a job well done.We wish you much success.

Your long time friend and client"

-Rudy and Lita Reyes

"I have recommended my Ki therapist to many of my friends and they have serveral family members as well. They have helped me tremendously with my problems with asthma and allergies. I went from needing an athma inhaler several times a day to now rarely ever needing to renew the prescription! They constantly work very hard at listening, trying to understand how they can best help their clients. I have the utmost respect for them as a health practitioner and for Ki Therapy as well. I only wish that we could  colne them-they are one in a million!

In good health,"

-Cynthia Pretorius


"Ki Therapy skillfully uses the basic principles of traditional oriental medicine yet it is also highly receptive to new technologies. Our Ki therapists have a deep commitement to the overall well-being of their clients and clinical abilities and health knowledge."

-Wm Phelan

Medivcal Anthropologist


"Ki Therapy is 'magical' - it remainds the mind/body how to self-heal and recalibrate back into a state of balance which equates to good health and pain-free physical movement, naturally. Ki tharapists have the right energetic touch for miracles to happen!"

-Julianne Bien



 "After a visit to  I.K.I. my foot is like new. I remember coming one day after a week of golfing in Scotland. My foot and ankle were  so awollen, I could hardly walk. With an IKI therapist's gentle touch and acupuncture, I could not believe the difference it made.

Thank you,"

-Margaret Hoaen


Whydoes Ki Therapy work? I couldn't say, but it does. It is one of  life's mysteries. Our Ki therapist has fixed/healed pain caused by extended by computer usage,misalignment which puts more waight on one leg and more. The repairs are quick, often 1-3 sessions and effects last weeks. You get cured. You aren't on repeat visits. However, returning for 'tune-ups' is one of life's luxuries. Our Ki tharapist combines differrent therapies and applies newly learned technieques( for example, using a slinky, or words written on small squares of paper). Think you can't be heald? You'll probably be surprised-even if you can't explain the 'magic'. The key downside is availability. The Ki therapist's calender is booked weeks in advance. Others know of skills. Now you do too.

-Promod Sharma

"I was told I needed a total knee replacement, but a kind friend told me about Ki Therapy and said she would make an appointment with a therapist.

It's remarkable how much Ki Therapy has helped me. I feel so lucky to have

a friend and a good doctor who is so considerate. I now have no swelling on my ankles and I just started my treatments!"

-Shizu Yoshida


"I am amazed! Four years ago I was unable to drive to downtown Toronto without pain.Thanks to Ki Therapy we have driven to Frolida with on back or sciatic pain. I have recommended many people, most of whom have been coming for therapy regularly foryears. I am glad that our Ki therapists are so younge because will be helping people for a long time, not only physhically, but they have such a kind heart. Thank you, and keep up the good work."

-Elaine Iwai


"My Ki therapists were the first person I ever met who could get rid my headaches(migranes). After my first visit, my headache began to go away. I have always been grateful for skill and all their kindness. They helped my children many times.

Thank you. peace,



"Ki therapy skillfully uses the basic principles of traditional oriental medicine yet is also highly receptive to new techniques and remedies. I.K.I. therapists have a deep commitment to the overall well-being of their clients and clinical capabilities and health knowledge." -Wm Phelan


"The treatments I receive are healing, nourishing and caring at all times-very effective to assist the body and mind in supporting a self-healing process. I am always grateful for the treatments."

-A. Leung


"The I.K.I. therapist was the first person I even met who could get rid of my headaches (migraine). After my first visit, my headache began to go away. I have always been grateful for their skill and all kindness that they have, and they helped my children many times. Thank you very much."

-P. K.


"I.K.I. therapist has the "magic touch". They know just where the pain is coming from and fix it! It is a very peaceful procedure and lets me totally relax during the treatment and feel replenished when I leave. I really look forward to coming to have my treatment at I.K.I.. They make me feel special and that all my aches and pains are little ones."
-G. J.

"I've been a regular client at IKI for almost 5 years. What began as an attempt to establish balance has evolved into the underpinning of improved health and well being. IKI therapists are all gifted and empathetic practitioners. They readily identifies impediments to progress and has innovative suggestions and interventions that consistently lead to improvement. Their commitment to, clarity with and concern for those under their care are exemplary. I have recommended and will continue to recommend their services to others with confidence."

- D. D.


"What better way to snd of the year than a treatment with my favorite healer! They have the hearling hands of a saint and the heart of an angel. i felt so at ease from the first moment I stopped into there I.K.I. office-like I was visiting an old friends.

They were born to do what they do. They are a natural healers. They know exactly what your body needs to facilitate the healling process. I am so greatful to be working with them on my healing journey."

-Nancy Weiser


"The healer I see at the I.K.I. is astounding, I look forward to their monthly treatments. It automatically became a monthly treat shortly after a friend gifted me with my first visit several years ago. This is subtle from of healing helped me with so many ailments that we accommodate in life or in the ageing process. Just to name a few of the problems, I have severe sseasonal and long term allergies. So many areas were helped quickly: hip pains, rotator cuff pains, digestive issues, knee and lower back pains, neck and shoulder pains.

I don't know how the Therapists do it. They are very gentle and I feel like a new person after every treatment. This system of healing really helpes get my body back on track! I look forward to it every month.


Waves of love and blessings,"



"It is always hard for people who have not experienced Ki energy to accept that a therapy so effective would be so unknown and not used in health care generally. Their skepticsm stops them from even trying Ki Therapy once. Fare wins and their health loses! 

Yet they end up taking a chemical drug which they don't want to take but feel they don't have any other option.

Some of us who are able to create  our own options by trying new therapies rarely end up taking a drug and seek therapies that are closest to what nature produces.

Energy is everywhere. Sit at your window and let the winter sun shine on your face and feel the energy lifting your spirits.

Ki accumulates part of that same energy and concentrates it for your body's healing needs. Onece you experience it, as my eighty-six years old father did, you will be physically rejuvenated.


-Jim Vella 


I have known my Ki therapist for more than 3 years. A friend of mine was aware that I had severe back pain but nothing worked until I met my Ki therapist. Their sessions are absolutely amazing and I am feeling storonger every day. I will always be thankful for their work.

My hasband had some pain in his hip and he has also benefited from Ki Therapy. Wecome often for a peaceful and benefical session. I recommend them to all my friends. They are by far the most experienced healer there is. 




I have been coming to see Ki Therapy every week for more than 7years . It is the best thing that I do for myself. I come out rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed. When I am sick or aching, I am fixed by Ki. I consider Ki Therapy and in particular, my therapist, an essential part of ongoing health maintenance.

I am thankful for having found my Ki therapist and I would highly recommend there therapy.

-Jodan Solomon-

Ecostrat President


Christy had two very bad falls on an icy sidewalk four years ago and had severe back pain -it seized up and she required to do everything- even dressing and going to washroom. Our Ki therapist gave her acupuncture and she was able to go on a week-long business trip two days later, pain free, and even withstand a long flight to Nevada.


Valerie had menstrual difficulties following bad falls (the same place and the same years as Christy). She, too, was treated by our Ki therapist and improved greatly. She had cold sensetions in her legs, sometimes altering sides. These cleared up also.


Suzenne had chronic neck pain from old injuries and various other pains such as right joint pain, hip dislocathion on the right side, groin injuries and pelvic misalignment. By receiving monthly treatments, the pain has been eliminated and balance and yoga practice have hugely improved. 


Jamie's chronic neck pain, lower back and hamstring and wrist injuries have been successfully treated. There have been vast improvements in alignment and immune system function.

Thanks so much to the IKI staff for your skill, dediction and compassion.

-Suzzane, Jamie, Christy and Valerie Maltman; Since 2003-